Communication in both the social and the professional settings has always been incredibly difficult. And as an adult I had a lot of trouble finding resources that specialized in the difficulties people like me experience. Working with Courtney has given me the voice that I’ve always had but I’ve never been able to express. I’ve practiced skills and learned strategies that have allowed me to connect with people socially and advance professionally. I can honestly say that before this I was very skeptical as to whether anyone could help me overcome my barriers with communication and Courtney has done that.

G, professional

Courtney worked patiently with me to help me be aware of the causes of my stutter, how it made me feel and eventually, accept it. Somewhere along my journey of acceptance, came the change! Her training gave me the vocabulary to persuade others around me become my communication allies. Her techniques are actionable and easy to remember. Courtney, thank you for making a difference.

J, professional

Courtney taught me more about stuttering over time, which was helpful in explaining what I had to others. Since working with Courtney, I don’t mind repeating myself and I use better social skills, like eye contact and an audible voice. I liked working with Courtney because it didn’t feel like therapy; it felt like a place where I could just go and talk. Courtney was great at listening and helping me, in the form of a normal conversation. She was a real person and didn’t act like she was just doing her job. Because of this, I called it “Talk Place” instead of the boring “Speech Therapy.” I will always be grateful to Courtney.

K, teenager